Saturday, June 9, 2012

Lost my Farmer's Market Virginity

Hello everyone!

Today, I made it to my local farmer's  market and took a look around.  Before this, I have never been to one before and thought now is as good a time as ever!

The vendor list for today

Fresh strawberries!

Spring Honey

Summer honey

Fall honey (I bought a bear bottle of this- it has a very distinct, caramel-like taste)

Tomato plants to plant at home

Homemade, organic pasta sauces (they also were selling fresh mushrooms)

Pickled mushrooms

Homemade hummus- bought a tub of the red pepper kind. Cumin and Traditonal were yummy too!

Natural skin care- I bought a small bottle of facial cleanser from them to try.

More skin care (same vendor)

Also honorable mention- I also saw a booth selling gluten free goodies!  She had samples of cookies, banana bread, lemon blueberry bread and apricot bread.  She said they freeze well, so I bought a banana bread and lemon blueberry for those times when I want a tiny bit (still keeping low carb here!) and freeze the rest.

Do you go to farmer's markets?

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