Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow I am going to once again begin my Metamorphosis journey.

I am also going to start doing what I did before- drinking a shake in the morning. I still have my Tracy shakes and Clean shakes left, along with some frozen blackberries and a myriad of fresh blueberries and strawberries in the fridge.  I also have 5 think thin peanut butter bars and a box of dark chocolate on the way. (I heard they are to die for).  I figured I might as well use these, I WAS losing weight eating/drinking them and it would be a horrible waste of money to let it go.

I also need to really crack down on gluten. I am always reading up on gluten sensitivity and obesity.  Here is what I read this evening:

"In order for your metabolic rate to be normal and burn the calories you take in, adequate nutrition needs to come into the body and be absorbed by your cells. In our country, where food is very available, consumption isn’t usually the problem. Absorption however can often be. Here’s how:

Remember that gluten sensitivity causes malabsorption due to the damage it creates in the small intestine.

If the food goes into your mouth but never adequately arrives at your cells; your cells are essentially starving.

When the cells are inadequately fed they tell the body to lower its metabolic rate.

This results in a person who while not overeating continues to gain weight. Their body just doesn’t efficiently burn what it consumes but instead “holds on” to it.

The stress of the cells being “starved” causes this decreased metabolic rate and is one of the reasons those suffering from gluten sensitivity suffer from obesity.

The good news is that the situation is resolvable. Properly identifying gluten sensitivity and removing gluten from the diet allows the small intestine to heal. Once healed, nutrients again begin to be absorbed properly and the cells, now receiving adequate nutrition, increase the metabolic rate and weight loss ensues."

So for me, calories in, calories out is not enough.  I may eat enough calories but my body may not be absorbing what I need.  I really do not eat much for an obese person.  I eat normal portions most of the time but they usually are not gluten free. 

So, I will be hopefully starting off on the right foot tomorrow. Wake up, drink my shake, do my Meta, go to work, eat lunch, come home, dinner. 

Have a great night everyone and I am looking forward to tomorrow.

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