Sunday, June 10, 2012


Hello everyone!

Lately I've had a thought.  Back in October, I had written an email to Tracy's team about what I should do exactly to get the most out of meta.  They replied.

Thank you so much for your photos!  Tracy said you are abcentric (you are right!), however, you are too weak in the abs to start abcentric, so go to Hipcentric for 3 months and then start Abcentric Level 1.  She also wants you to do our wellness shake (found on our website) and watch your food for those 3 months, while on Hipcentric.  

Shake in the AM and continue with what you would eat for lunch, dinner, etc.  If you would like some advice on this, feel free to email me!  

You're doing an amazing job!!  Please let me know if you have any questions and keep us posted!

And I thought, if I'm Abcentric, then how can my abs be too weak to do it?

I sat down today and skimmed through both ab and hip metas (I have all 4) and did some comparing.

One major difference that might have triggered the "too weak in the abs" remark.  Abcentric Meta has twice the plank moves that Hipcentric has.  Not counting levels 1 and 9 (which all centrics share), hip has 5 plank moves through the entire series, and ab has 10!  Now I can see why they would want me to do hip instead, to strengthen up my hips and abs so that when I get to continuity, I will be able to do those exercises (more planks, from what I've been told/seen).  Right now, being as heavy and big as I am, Abcentric meta is a joke. I already know that even with trying, I won't be able to do those workouts with good form. 

Just a thought that crossed my mind, have a great day!!!

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