Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello everyone!

I finished day 1 last night (pretty late, I crashed into bed when I was finished) and already woke up today and walked for an hour. I also had a pretty healthy, filling breakfast.

I had one cup of plain fat free Greek yogurt and 1/2 a pint of blueberries. Total protein- 24 grams. I still feel kind of full after eating it, and it was delicious!

Going to get my day 2 workout done today with a little more reps and maybe an hour of dance cardio (not all at once, 30 minutes, a break, 30 minutes) but we'll see. At least 30 minutes. 

As usual I will post again later with how I did. Last night was 20x each leg rep, today 25 and so on.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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