Friday, June 1, 2012

A man loses 370 pounds with Zumba!

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I came across an article about a 44 year old Neil Burns,  who once weighed 680 pounds and within 2 years, lost 370 of it.  

Did he get surgery? Did he take some other drastic, crazy measure?

No. Good old diet and exercise.

He went from eating 10,000 calories per day in fast food to 1,800 calories per day in healthier choices.  The slowly began exercising, eventually getting into a Zumba class- and he eventually became a Zumba instructor!

He works out twice a day- Weights in the morning and cardio at night.  Together, these burn about 1,000 calories a day.  

However, the journey wasn't easy.  He had some tips:

1. Get a workout buddy to keep accountable. 

2. When you cheat, admit it.

He also has a "skinny list" for motivation- things he has been able to do since losing weight. 

1. be able to sit in a chair with arms
2. fit into a airplane seat with no seat belt extension's
3. walk up and down stairs like everyone else
4. pick something up off the car floor without having to get out of the car
5. lay down flat in bed and not feel like lungs aren't going to collapse
6. fit through a turnstile
7. buy clothes off the rack
8. not being the big fat guy in a group on guys night out
9. not having to stretch out shirts so they will fit
10. knees - ankles - feet not hurting
11. Not hearing "wow" you're big from little kids
12. have a watch that fits without extensions
13. fit into a sports car
14. fit into a booth at a restaurant
15. bending over to pick stuff off the ground
16. being able to see my feet
17. not breaking chairs
18. going to the pool and not wearing a shirt
19. quit being lapped by 80 year old mall walkers
20. being able to tie my shoes when there on my feet
21. doing spin class and not feeling like I got violated
22. go horseback riding
23. fitting into a public rest room
24. walking on the beach at sun set
25. being able to play sports with my son
26. brushing my teeth without losing my breath
27 walking into Walmart
28. walking to mail box
29. not being stared at
30. being able to look at myself in the mirror
31. feel worthy of love
32. using a vacuum cleaner
33. being able to do laundry standing up
34. being able to unload and load the dish washer standing
35. going hiking
36. not having strangers taking pictures of me  (Really?  People can really be cruel!!!) 
37. being able to walk thru a door way without going sideways

On a day where I needed motivation, this was a good article for me to read. 

If you want to read it too, click here:

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