Sunday, December 9, 2012

Getting a friend involved

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow I am re-beginning my Metamorphosis journey.  However, I am adding a little extra to it- I have a workout buddy!

My workout buddy isn't going to be doing Metamorphosis with me, but we are going to do something else in addition- they are also doing their own other workout program.  We are going to start taking walks together in the morning for an hour or so every day.

I think the walking will help, doing it early in the morning may help loosen me up physically and get me in a less cranky mood towards exercising.

Also, since I have time, I would like to also incorporate (as I said before) Leslie Sansone's Walk Away The Pounds 5 mile fat burning walk.  I know I  may not be able to bang out the entire DVD at once, but I want to start trying and building up.

I also want to start re-learning the choreographed Tracy Anderson cardio so that I can eventually pop in some music (set length) turn it on and have at it.  For now, I will work on mastering the Beginner Dance Cardio DVD (I know 3 of 4 of the dances) and make my goal to learn them without forgetting.  Then, work on learning 1 new dance from Tracy's old Dance Cardio DVD (which I am fortunate enough to have a copy of and is a slightly bit harder than the Beginner one) or the "Original" Dance Cardio DVD a week when I get better at jumping around.

^ This is the Beginner Dance video (Labeled as the Cardio Workout in the UK), less jumping and simpler steps.

^ This is the 2008 original "Dance Cardio Workout".  A bit more complicated and involving a lot more jumping.

After learning the 2008 video, I want to tackle the Dance Cardio II DVD which is the most advanced choreographed stuff she has out.

As you can see, this is way more complex, and a LOT more jumping. I'll get there, in due time.

These walking workouts will be in addition to getting better at dance cardio.  My goal is to do one hour of dance cardio a day.

All of these dance-learning things and extra walking will, of course, come after I finish both my MS and DC that came with Metamorphosis just so I can have had that 30 minutes of non-stop cardio and build my endurance while dancing.  I may not even do all of these every day.  The main goal is to get my Meta done.  The rest comes as it comes.  The main point is that I would like to add a little oomph to my cardio by doing a little extra since I am not yet at the point where I can blast through an hour of jumping dance cardio.

Tonight I will be taking measurements and weighing in the morning.  As much as I like that little tracker that comes with Metamorphosis, I think that is helping me get in trouble.  I feel like if I do not follow it to the T, I have to start over.  So, I am instead going to write my workouts in a notebook rather than stick to a pre-printed pre-scheduled thing.  That way there is no particular designated days for stuff that I have to worry about messing up.

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  1. Hey lady, that's awesome that you and your friend and there to support each other. Well wishes :)