Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project Review

Hello everyone!

I decided to just watch the entire Pregnancy Project and write a review here, for people who want to know how it all goes. 

Each of the workouts IS different, but they do have a lot in common.

What they have in common:

All workouts have a short warm up and cool down stretch, along with Tracy explaining what you may be going through through that specific month. 

The chair is used, but mostly for balance during standing work or some stretching work. 

She is always instructing- she does talk through the whole videos to keep reminding you to keep good form and some words of encouragement. 

There are weighted arms, unweighted arms and leg/butt work in each workout.  There is no floor ab work or standing ab work in any of the workouts.

The workouts are only done in sets of 20, sometimes 10 but it is not common and she will tell you when that will be. She counts all reps aloud most of the time. 

Very nice backdrop, and gentle calm music. Very nice, at least to me. 

I have not watched the advice from the doctors, etc, only the workouts. 

No cardio is included. 

Where they differ- in difficulty and complexity of the moves. Month 1 is a bit more complex than Month 9. It does not get easier, just simpler.  Simpler moves are still effective as the complex ones. 

Do I recommend this? Absolutely.  For the price (49.95) you get 9 workouts. Not bad. 

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