Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sorry about my quietness

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted much recently, and I haven't worked out or eaten too good this week.

Yesterday was my last day of school, and my final paper was due.  This threw a big monkey wrench into my plan.  All weekend I was working on it, even on Monday and Tuesday (and a little more on Wednesday to be sure) and I had to focus on it for most of my time. 

I will kick off my winter break with Metamorphosis on Monday, the rest of this week, I am trying to get my mind and body caught up, getting some sleep, etc.  I may add in yoga to my routine (as recommended by a friend) and go from there.

I will also be blogging more and I still haven't decided if I will video blog.  I might. Why not?

Again, sorry for the quiet as of late and I look forward to start!


  1. It sounds like meta will workout good for you, but I say you just do your workout today and stop trying to be perfect! Life will always come up with something. Stop trying to wait for Mondays always and just do it today. Your paper is over now and now you have Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to workout. That's four days. You will be half way done with level 1 by Monday instead of starting over again. It might take you awhile to get to 6 days a week perfectly, but who cares if you skipped 3 days and didn't work out. Really, you only missed 2 days if you workout today! Just pick up with day 2 today for meta! And I hope you do do video blog! (n_n)

  2. What Tiffany said is really true Roxy :) You have 4 full days before Monday. This scenario you are experiencing is not a new one for you. This happens again and again. The only way to change it is to do something different than what you normally do. It is really in your best interest to realize life will not stop and suddenly create an extra hour a day for you to exercise. You have to carve out that hour into whatever else is already going on in your life. There is no perfect Monday waiting for you. TODAY is your Monday. Everday you exercise is your Monday. That's how you have to look at it otherwise this pattern will unfotunately continue. Do you see this is your pattern? Do you see that this has not been a successful strategy thusfar? It would be very cool to see video blogs. Take care dear!

  3. I agree with Tiffany. Do the workout NOW. Make the time, even if it is just the MS. If you have to, break up the arms and the legs but it get it done!
    Everyone has excuses and is time poor but you have to MAKE the time. I learnt the hard way. Schedule it. I do mine first thing or otherwise my excuse list would be a mile long.
    I am on Year 2 2.1 Day 15 instead of being at meta D1 because I kept going forward. Stop giving yourself the option. It might not be pretty but get it done.

  4. I just read this blog post and it really resonated with me. Thought you might enjoy it too :)