Monday, December 24, 2012

T Minus 8 Days to Boot Camp - 12/24/2012

Hello everyone!

As the title mentions, I am only eight days away from beginning my New Year bootcamp. For each day until then, I will update on where I am in the planning process so you can see how my mind is working and where I'm at.

Today, I am still going through the menus to see things that are easily (and affordably) makeable. 

Here are the dishes from the book I have found so far:

Breakfast Choices

Kefir and Banana
Orange Salad
Pepper Onion Egg Wrap
Mushroom Omelet Roll-up (I remember this one being very tasty when I did this before)
Quinoa Porridge with Apple Compote (I have a tub of quinoa and I have some apples and berries)
Blueberry Smoothie (Used with Kefir but I may also blend with Sun Warrior Protein)
Strawberry Smoothie (See Blueberry Smoothie)

A convenient way to do the smoothies also is to buy a bottle of kefir that is strawberry or blueberry flavored.

Lunch/Dinner Choices

Steamed Veggie Plate 
Baked Chicken with Broccoli
Puree of Broccoli Soup (I remember this being like baby food, but I do like baby food.)
Roasted Root Vegetables
Turkey Burgers
Veggie Burgers (I remember these being good too)
Grilled Flank Steak (when I feel like splurging)
Grilled Tofu
Veggie Stir-fry
Baked Sweet Potato

Snack/Meal Side Dish Choices

Pea Mash (this is literally cooked peas, mashed up and seasoned with black pepper.  Canned and rinsed would work for this and also frozen peas are cheap here.)
Blueberry Applesause (I usually substitute it with no-sugar-added plain applesauce)
Choco Blueberry Pudding (simpler than choco chestnut pudding)
Fresh Pineapple (self explanatory)
Kefir Yogurt (the book says this can be any flavor)

You may have noticed I have omitted a lot of the leafy stuff.  It would be better for me to use whatever salad greens I can get when I go shopping at the time, rather than hunt out stuff that may not be in season.  I personally like those organic spring mix salads (that go on sale a lot too) and just have that on the side of my turkey burgers, etc.

Tofu is also very inexpensive where I shop so grilled tofu is likely to become a major staple.  

Also, the steamed veggie plate is something I'll likely eat a lot of too (Frozen California vegetable mix has most of the veggies the recipe requires- broccoli and carrots with cauliflower instead of asparagus and all I need to add is sweet potato).

As for sweet potatoes, I MAY use canned sometimes but definitely with all the sugary syrup rinsed away.  I prefer fresh but I do have some cans of them should push come to shove and I HAVE to eat those.  Better canned than junk food.

That's what I have got for now, working on making a meal plan for each week, likely eating the same thing daily for a week so I can make in bulk and save money and time.

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