Wednesday, December 26, 2012

T Minus 6 Days

Hello everyone!

Today started to get a little busy, but I am still taking some time to review things.

Today I am going through Sequence 1.  There is an editing mistake in which the DVD and book do not match.

In sequence 1 it is the first and last leg move.

#1- Bend and Kick Back-

What the book says and what is pictured:

Stance: Kneel on your hands and knees.  Place both hands firmly on the floor in front of you, shoulders squared to the front of the room.

Action: Shift your weight to your arms and extend your right leg directly behindyour right hip on an upward diagonal, toes pointed, so that your body extends in a long line from your chest back through your leg.  Then your knee travels forward toward your right shoulder.  Keep your leg at hip height even as it bends ninety degrees.

The photos in the book do reflect this action, in the DVD the same written and verbal instructions are given, but she is doing a different exercise.

#7 Attitude Butt Lift

In this  move the DVD and book are very close- 

Stance: Start on your hands and knees.  Cross your right shin over your left calf.

Action: Lift the right leg back in an attitude, kicking your leg straight at the top, then return through an attitude to crossed legs.

In the DVD she does the action as it says, then she does another kick where she remains in attitude *bent leg* position the whole time. 

So that's it, I will go through Sequence 2 for tomorrow. Have a great day!

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