Monday, November 26, 2012

Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project

Hello everyone!

I was very fortunate to be able to get my hands on Tracy's Pregnancy Project!

Why did I get it? I'm not pregnant. However, I have a different idea in mind.

I posted pics last time of my body from about 60 pounds ago, since then I had gained a lot of weight, ESPECIALLY in my belly.  In fact, people often think I am pregnant rather than obese.  That  being said, doing TAM was hard for me because that belly kept getting in my way of doing the moves with proper, effective form.

I want to start doing these workouts in reverse- starting with month 9.  Why? The moves get easier as the months progress, and I want to use these workouts as a build up, to ease back into TAM.  Also, the 7-9th months (especially 9th) make it easier for those with bigger stomachs to do the workouts with good form.

Obese and pregnant people also have some common exercise needs.

1. Neither should do high impact anything. (Obese at least at first)
2. They both need to be careful with their joints
3. They both need to be aware of overheating/heart rate.
4. They both eventually have pretty limited mobility.

While TA's Pregnancy Project does NOT come with cardio, I will be doing low impact cardio- mostly walking and doing Walk Away The Pounds.

These DVDs I have heard are VERY effective and low impact.  

Here's how I plan on progressing with the Tracy Pregnancy workouts.

Start with month 9, when the workout gets easier/I lose some belly, I move to the next month down. 

So, I am going to do my first workout today and I will post how it went and review month 9.

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  1. Hey there! I'm not sure this would actually work - as pregnancy project is oriented towards NOT having any exercises on stomach/abs from the very start (women quit abs when they are pregnant) and concentrating on stretching the hip-area to prepare for birth. If stomach is your problem area, it is actually better to start easy but targeted towards abs, rather than avoiding the area. Just saying...

    Good luck!