Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just a random rant

Hello everyone!

This post is NOT about my meta progress (I did do it yesterday, the post IS coming) but I am just in the mood to talk about (slightly) non-related stuff for a minute.

First off, I saw a video with a producer from E! News who worked with Tracy Anderson for six months and lost 100 pounds.  He went from 382 pounds to 282.  I can't find the link to the video (it was on facebook and I don't think I can really share it) but it really made me realize I can't really use my weight as an excuse not to work out.

Next, while on the subject of motivation, (here's the "rant" part) there is one quote that annoys the living hell out of me when it comes to working out and keeping at it.

Ok, I get how it's trying to make people stick to their workout program.  But, if you can't see ANY improvement, even a little, BEFORE 4 weeks is up, you're doing something wrong. (Just my opinion)  If you don't even feel a little tighter in the first week, you may need to tweak some things.  That is unless you have a legit medical condition or something abnormal.  I, personally, 3 days doing Metamorphosis (Not cutting out any foods or "dieting", merely keeping my calories at a reasonable amount), I already see and feel changes, mostly in my belly right now.  My skin looks a little more deflated, looks a bit flatter, and I feel tighter all over.  If it would have taken FOUR WEEKS to see or even feel even this much happening.... I would STILL be quite discouraged!  That and the fact that people keep posting this EVERYWHERE annoys the shit out of me.  

(Don't get offended, this is just me ranting, remember!  Also it doesn't apply to everyone) 

Okay, rant over.  Day 3 report coming, day 4 in progress. 

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