Monday, December 10, 2012

Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis Day 1

Hello everyone!

Today was my first day back (for real this time) and it went pretty well.

I took my measurements and weight (not really relying on what my scale says since it never seems to be able to say the same number, sometimes even varying by like 8 pounds), and got my daily calorie amount figured out.

5:30 am- grudgingly woke up, dragged my tired, cranky ass out of bed and had a 20 minute walk, grumbling all the way. 

I pretty much looked like this the entire walk.

Later in the day- Abcentric Metamorphosis level 1 day 1, all of arms and abs, 15 reps of each leg (done carefully, it still hurts at this number for me).  And- AND- I did do my cardio. 30 minutes of step touching with the occasional jump.  Those flu-like symptoms some people claim happen to them after doing TAM hit me last night.  I did a good cardio workout, so my lungs burned a little (I'm an asthmatic so for me that's pretty good).  

Eating wise I also stayed under my calorie limit (about 1500 a day). Not bad. Not bad at all. 

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