Thursday, December 27, 2012

T Minus 5 Days

Hello everyone!

5 days left.  I'm both excited and starting to get nervous.  I am a bit busy today but I did go through sequence 2 at least.  There was only one different move this time.

Move #19- Hand on Ground, Leg Lifts and Straightens

Stance: Kneel on the seat of the chair with your left side next to the back of the chair, and place your left hand on the floor.

Action: Raise your right leg, knee bent at a right angle, up to the side.  Then return it to neutral and extend it at an upward diagonal behind you, to the left.  The hand on the ground reaches down into the ground to stabilize you while your right foot reaches way up and to the left, activating the cross-vectors of force.  Bring the leg back in, bending your knee at a right angle. 

The only difference here is that the book says to reach out with the leg, the DVD version shows just lifting the leg up in attitude (bent leg).

I am going to go through sequence 3 this evening and start on tweaking up the cardio schedule.

I hope all of you have a nice day!

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