Thursday, December 13, 2012

Metamorphosis Day 3

Hello everyone!

As promised- here is how day 3 went!

I was not feeling too well- I was having PMS symptoms (not QUITE the time of the month but very close) and while I was not feeling emotional or in pain, I was very fatigued.   And I mean FATIGUED. Falling asleep at random times of the day, etc.

I considered skipping my workout.  

That only half- happened.  While I DID skip my cardio (the last thing I need to be doing is flopping around clumsily and falling and hurting myself), I made sure to get the MS in.  I did level 1 day 3 with 22 reps per leg, a boost from 20 the previous day.

Why was MS so important to me?  I do not want to hold back my progression, I have done level 1 sooooooooooo many times that this time I want it over with as fast as possible!  I want to progress!

I did eat a little more than I would have liked (by about 300 calories) but I did take care not to overdo it too badly.  I do feel like I am slimming down even eating carbs.  I am eliminating no foods or specific food groups (although I am trying to keep gluten to a minimum), merely calorie counting for now.  I cannot wait to be done with level 1 so I can measure.

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