Friday, November 30, 2012

Change of Plan~!

Hello everyone!

After careful thought (and dieting a few days and feeling a lot better), I think I will be changing to doing Metamorphosis starting December 3.

I actually wrote an email to the Tracy Anderson team and one of their people, Laurie (who I am familiar with and have corresponded before) wrote back:


We really recommend that you start with the Meta program and do as much as you can each day. You'll build up your strength and endurance so you can work up to keeping up with Tracy. It's really the best way to get started on your journey. 

Please reach out to us with any questions. Have a great day! 

So, I am going to do that- work on building my strength with Metamorphosis and go from there while eating healthier.   Started dieting today and will continue through the weekend to get my body used to it before jumping into working out.

I also have a final paper to work on for next week so I am going to try to bang that out over the weekend as well (one less excuse to not work out on Monday).


  1. I dont' understand. I thought you felt preg proj was a good challenge for you? I am curious what would cause you to change your mind in just a couple days of doing the workout. I finally got my dvd's and tried month one and really liked it. It felt challenging, but not so difficult as meta which is exactly what I wanted. At your level of fitness, I would think this might feel better to you too. Having started Meta multiple times before what do you think you'll do differently to not have to start over again? I would really encourage you if you wanted to look through your old blog posts and make a list of all the obstacles that come up and create this challenge of starting over so much. Time of the month, being sick, being busy with schoolwork. I dont' forsee these challenges just going away this time, and I would humbly suggest that if you don't come up with a plan to work around these obstacles then it is highly likely you won't break out of your pattern. In doing the preg proj, I just feel it's at a better level for you, and you could have almost like a fresh start since you've never done it before you know? Unlike meta, which you've attempted many times, this dvd set is like a fresh start that you can really work your way up to meta like a pre-meta. At least that is how I see it for myself. Another obstacle I notice it that you tend to put off working out saying I'm going to start on this day in the future rather than starting today and making it a daily habit, it seems to frequently turn into some "change of plan" or something to start on another day. You may be looking for less excuses to not work out on Monday, but you have come up with an an excuse for today it seems. I really do wish you all the best and hope you can succeed whenever the time is right for you. Take care.

  2. I have to agree with Leah. I think you should just do the pregnancy vids. You will ease into working out, you already enjoyed it, and it's a good transition. I also think you should just do the workout tonight. Forget about cardio, just commit to one part for a while. Do the month 9 for 10 days, then month 8 for 10 days and etc. Then you can do Meta and the cardio or maybe you can even do the cardio for levels 8 or 7 or something in the pregnancy, starting from there. But stop waiting until Monday for everything. Do it TODAY. If you really want to do Meta, start it now, stop starting over and don't freak out if you miss a day. Do 10 of the workouts, and move on, even if it takes you longer than 10 days, who cares? Papers don't take that long. You can carve out 40 minutes and be thinking of the paper in your head or something. You got this!!!! :-)The preggers DVDS look dynamite!