Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day 1 Metamorphosis

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I finished my first day of Metamorphosis by Tracy, and dieted my way. 

Here's how I ate (modified Keto- aiming for no more than 50 carbs a day, gluten free)

1 sausage patty
Scrambled eggs
1 small hashbrown (the only starch to go in my mouth today)


Caramel Fudge Think Thin bar
1 bottle of Neuro Sonic 
(I had class today, no time to sit and have a real meal)


1/2 cup Greek nonfat yogurt
1 Tbsp of raw coconut oil
Spring mix salad lettuce
A drizzling of balsamic vinegar
4 string cheese sticks

Total came to be about 1350 calories, 45 carbs (before factoring net carbs)

As for my workout, I did do my level 1 day 1 MS work, I am not counting reps, just doing as much as I can until failure.  No dance cardio today but I did walk for one hour (burns about the same amount of calories)

So, yesterday was very good, let's move on to today!

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  1. Day by Day you will get there. Keep moving forward and make exercising a priority. Find hte time. It is hard but your body will thank you (eventually)