Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pregnancy Project Month 9 Review

Hello everyone!

As promised, I did go ahead and do my first Pregnancy Project workout, which was the month 9 workout.

I'm actually pretty impressed.

She starts out with a gentle but good-feeling stretch session.  Hamstrings get stretched, sides get stretched, and she does a modified (doable) version of one of my least favorite stretches to do- the stretch that involves crouching on one leg and having the other stretched out straight.  In this move, she is kneeling instead of crouching, and using a chair for balance stretches into the straight leg.

Next, she moves on to arms. She does about 10-15 minutes of weighed arms, done slowly and they do burn.  Next comes the standing leg workouts, which are actually very simple but very effective.

The gist of the standing legs is to open the hips even more and get the butt worked. Next, is on to the floor on hands and knees.  She doesn't do much here, she says at this point in the pregnancy (or in my case obesity) you should not be doing too much on hands and knees.  Most of the floor legs involve leaning on an elbow for support as opposed to the hand.  Tracy, my wrists thank you (this was a big complaint I had with Meta- my weight was too much to bear on my wrists).  The floor legs were a bit more challenging for me, Tracy does 20 of each move (standing and floor) but some of the legs on the floor I could barely do ten.  The ones I could do twenty of were very, very challenging and I was really pushing, so no, I am not ready to move down to month 8 yet.  That's not until I get good at this and lose a little more belly.

There are no floor abs or standing abs, but the leg movements and even the arm movements do engage the abs anyway.  Because of my fat belly, floor abs are very difficult for me anyway.

She ends the workout with weightless arms and some more stretching, and then you're done!

The total workout is about 40 minutes long, and while the moves LOOKED easy, I was sweating quite a bit when I was done. 

I wouldn't be surprised if I felt this tomorrow.

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