Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Changing my mind

Hello everyone!

As you may have noticed, I have not written anything about doing my Tracy Anderson workouts, with good reason- I haven't been doing them, and there are a couple of reasons.  What I would like to do is postpone the workouts until 2013. 

1. Lately, mentally I have not been feeling it.  And it's not just working out.  The majority of stuff happening in my life as of late has done nothing but mentally exhaust me and it is branching out into other unrelated parts of my life, such as working out.  Mentally, I would like to wait until the new year because it will likely give me a notion of a "fresh start" like most people, and most people usually ARE more inclined and excited about working out around the new year.  The only thing is keeping it a habit.

2. Physical pain.   I doubt that it is TAM related,  lately I have been having horrible pain in my lower back, I have had sciatica before (pinched nerve in lower back that can really be crippling for some people) and I am pretty sure this is what it is again.  Also, my right ankle has been really  bugging me in a quite painful way.  I have injured my ankle before several times and it's flaring up something nasty.

So, for the rest of December, I am going to keep doing the morning walking that I have been doing.  This morning was quite awful; when I woke up the pain was pretty bad but I took a walk anyway.   I also wanted to start doing some Bikram Yoga at home.  (With the book, audio, and a couple of space heaters) I read a lot of good things about it helping with sciatica and other pain.  If not the yoga, then stretching every day to help loosen it up.


  1. Have you ever considered DDP Yoga? It might be just the thing for you. I have just started it myself, and I love it -- no dread factor, a supportive community, good for people trying to lose weight, and it makes me feel great!


  2. I don't check in with you often but when I do, it is the same thing: a girl who is postponing her life until tomorrow, or the next day, or 2013...

    You seem like a sweet girl. And I may come across as harsh, though I too am a sweet girl.

    I have this feeling that when I check in with you in 2013 nothing will have changed. You will have the same excuses, the same habits, the same choices that you did since the beginning of my reading your blog. That saddens me. I believe everyone should live happy and full and thrive in their life.

    Stop waiting to live your life. Stop planning out habits that you want to start tomorrow. Stop waiting to live.

    Start today. Make a small choice right now to change what small thing you need and want most. Then maybe, the next time I check in with you in 2 weeks or 3 weeks from now I won't hear a girl who is making excuses why she isn't living in her fullest happiest life...

    Start now.