Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello everyone!

First, Happy Memorial Day to all of my American friends and readers!

Yesterday, I didn't do so good.  

The day started good- Woke up, had canteloupe and 2 hard boiled eggs, Steak and salad for lunch.  I also powerwalked for an hour.

Then disaster struck- I came home RAVENOUS.  We're talking eat the whole house ravenous.

The previous night, my roommate had picked up some breaded boneless buffalo wings and offered me some, which I declined.  Yesterday, they ended up in my belly.  All 10 of them.   Today, I saw that I had gained 3 pounds and am having tummy troubles (bloating, etc).  Today, I am going to keep my eating very light.  I had some fruit and tea for breakfast, planning on having soup and salad for lunch and dinner.  And, of course, LOTS of water.

I also didn't do my TAM yesterday, but will today.  Not starting over, doing Day 2. 

Have a happy, healthy safe Memorial Day!

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