Monday, May 28, 2012

Gluten Free Soup Mixes

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I was shopping at Target for some new workout shirts and bras and wandered into their grocery section.

I ended up in the soup aisle and it occurred to me to look for this baked potato soup mix a friend of mine said was very good.  I found the said soup (Archer Farms Baked Potato Soup) but to my dismay... It's made with wheat flour as a thickener.  No good!

All was not lost, though. Right underneath those soup mixes were soup mixes made by a brand called Bear Creek.  They had Cheddar Broccoli, Cheddar Potato, and Creamy Potato. 3.99 a bag (for 8 servings) and I got one of each.

So far I did try the Cheddar Broccoli- VERY good! Considering that all you have to add is water and cook it for 10 minutes, the cheese flavor is very rich and delicious!  Also, for one cup of a creamy soup, 170 calories (180 per cup of the potato ones) isn't too bad when had with a salad too. 

You can get Bear Creek soup on, Target, and perhaps your local supermarket too. 

According to, 9 of 14 of their flavors are gluten free.  They are not labeled as such, but they are.

For more information about the gluten free-ness of Bear Creek soup, visit here:

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