Sunday, May 20, 2012

Goals for this summer

Hello everyone!

I am off to a very late start, but I have some summer goals.  I had more, but realized that it's probably unrealistic and is just begging for injury or failure.

The original goals: 

1. Walk for one hour a day and start to jog
2. Do 60 minutes of dance cardio
3. Do power yoga as often as I can, preferably daily
4. Stretch for an hour
5. TA MS work bootcamp, then Meta.

The new goals:

1. Walk for one hour a day
2. Build up my dance cardio endurance based on the boot camp book 
3. Stretch
4. MS bootcamp- 6 days a week instead of 30 days through unless I honestly feel up to working out on my rest days.
5. My goal is to be at one hour of cardio (even if it's just step touching) by the time I hit meta. We'll see.
6. NO MORE GLUTEN!!!!! There's really no excuse why I can't other than literally just not giving a shit. (pardon my language)
7. More exercise is extra and not required. If I feel like it, I will do it. If not, no big deal.
8. Try to make vlogs. (finally) I have a different computer set up now so it should work better.

Yeah, I've tried Boot Camp  before and quit, but that is also because I made it an all or nothing thing. I quit because I missed a couple days and thought I "messed up". I was able to get through Metamorphosis up to half way through before, so I figure if I break boot camp down into 6 days instead of daily, it could be more doable for me. I also need to get over it if I miss more days, TAM is an ongoing thing (which is why there's continuity). There is no "end date" or "deadline" because it's a LIFESTYLE change, not "doing a program". If one were to just choose to do the boot camp or meta only, then that is "doing a program". However, keeping up with it from then on is making it a lifestyle and there is no end date to live up to or feel bad about missing. Listening to your body is also very important.

Also, I took out yoga because I am not a fan of over training and I firmly believe that weight loss is 90% diet, exercise just makes your body LOOK nicer and helps along the weight loss more. (Burning calories, every little bit helps)

I am going to take new measurements tonight, weigh in in the morning and get my ass on the mat!

Also if I do not meet my goals 100%, I PROMISE this time not to scrap everything, call myself a failure, etc. I am working on being more lenient with myself. It's harder than it sounds!  

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