Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 1 OFFICIAL Boot Camp Start!

Hello everyone!

A little check in here!

Today I ate the following- (I am not following TA's diet plan, but going gluten free and mostly grain free as well.)


5 slices of very crispy bacon. 


Salad with butter lettuce, a light drizzling of Italian dressing, some steak strips and some pieces of onion.

Dinner: (I was kind of bad here, went to see Men In Black 3)

1/2 bag of large popcorn (no extra salt or butter) and diet coke. This is a HUGE improvement- normally I would salt and butter the hell out of it and eat the whole thing.   Also, the theater did confirm that their popcorn and topping is gluten free. (Aside from possibility of being in the same truck as gluten, which I am not too worried about right now)

Also on the right- There is a badge to show how many pounds I have lost since my initial stats. I will not measure my body until my boot camp is DONE. Every 10 day measurements will be taken when I begin Metamorphosis after this.

So, how was my workout?

I did day 1 sequence 1 with 20 reps per exercise.  I am about to do the dancing part of my workout.  I will be following the moderate beginner plan (which I am afraid MIGHT be a little too fast- after 3 days she will have me be jumping, but never know until I try, right?) because I can "walk but not run"-  I walked a solid hour at a good pace yesterday and got a good sweat up. 

And yes, I will do my best to do the workouts EVERY day. It's only a month and I really need to not cop out. Yes, one day at a time, but the daily workouts is a goal I would like to attempt to achieve. 

Have a great Saturday- See you tomorrow! 

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