Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Missed Days, Starting Over- NOT!

Hello everyone!

Unfortunately, my Memorial Day holiday ended up being a busy one. I took my hour long walk, but then I got too busy (and it was too frickin HOT in a place with no air conditioning) to do my TAM.  So, Day 2 of bootcamp will be done today. 

Pictured: My mentality yesterday.

I was thinking of doing day 1 again but I have only been off for 2 days, not an entire week. 

According to Tracy's Facebook page, there is a note about missing days.  It says it's for Metamorphosis but I am pretty sure it can apply to the book workouts as well since they are also on a 10 workout rotation.

"Once you start Metamorphosis it is really important that you understand all of the gifts it has to give come with you making it part of your lifestyle.  This would mean that the only time you stop would be for a week max if you were sick or something in your life didn't allow for it to happen for a short period of time.  In that case you should pick up right where you left off.  If for some reason you fall off for longer than a week repeat the sequence that you completed before you took the break to get your body moving again with some memory before the next level. If longer than a month of a break happens start at the beginning."

So, that means for today, I will be attempting 25 reps of each exercise and 40 minutes of the step touching.  The workout after next, I am asked to add jumping into it. I'm afraid I won't be able to, but there's no way to know unless I try, right?

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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