Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blisters AGAIN!

Hello everyone!

I've been walking a lot lately, going to and from work and even just for exercise. To my horror, last night after a walk, I had not one, but FOUR blisters on one foot and one on the other.

Apparently I have very blister-prone feet.  What can be done to help prevent more and treat the ones I have?

I did some research and found the following:

Blisters are caused by friction on the skin usually caused by socks.  The best way to prevent them is to wear socks and shoes that fit properly.  If you still get blisters from doing that, it's suggested to put a little petroleum jelly on the parts where you get them most, but not too much!  You could also tape up the problem areas before putting your socks on to prevent skin rubbing.

What if you already have blisters? Then what?

Not all blisters hurt, if the blister isn't causing any pain, leaving it alone is okay.  However, if you have one that hurts, poke a sterilized pin into it to gently break the skin and gently squeeze out the liquid. Keep the skin intact, put antibacterial ointment on it and bandage it up to avoid infection.

I had to pop all of mine, they were causing me not to be able to even walk properly.  Now I sit here with bandaged feet hoping for the best.

Have a good night!

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