Saturday, May 12, 2012

Gluten Free Pizza Tasting!

Hello everyone!

Yesterday I treated myself a little (okay, maybe a lot!) and tasted two different gluten free pizzas available in my area.  Here's how it went!

Pizza #1- Domino's

My coworker and I ordered this for lunch, since the cafeteria at work was closed.

It only comes in a small 10 inch size and the crust is very thin.  However, despite this the pizza ended up tasting pretty good, almost like regular thin crust.  The pizza we got looked a tiny bit overcooked but that didn't seem to affect the taste in a negative way. The price for one with pepperoni on it was $12.99 plus tax/tip/delivery fees.  The con is that it only comes in a small, so if you are trying to feed a family on gluten free pizza, you will end up spending quite a bit.  Also if you aren't a big thin crust pizza fan, you are out of luck.

Pros: Tasty, convenient  Cons: Expensive for what you get, still high carb, not filling- very easy to eat a whole pizza for one adult

Pizza #2- Lou  Malnati's

Yes. The crust is 100% meat and 100% yummy.

My friend and I went here for dinner, she is also on a gluten free diet but not for the same reasons I am.  Lou's does something a little different for their pizza crust- they use a thin yet sturdy layer of lean sausage as the crust, meaning it is also suitable for low carb dieters in general.  You can get this pizza in a small, medium or large and a large pepperoni pizza like this costs around $25.00.  Considering that a lot of meat went into this pizza, the price is not too bad and you can feed a family on one easily, as this pizza is very filling. 1-2 slices and most people would feel pretty content.

Pros: Delicious, better value, filling  Cons: high fat, not suitable for vegetarians

On a last note, as far as I know, while Domino's is nationwide, Lou Malnati's is only available in Chicago. However, I believe they also ship their pizzas anywhere (frozen) including the crustless kind.  For more information about getting it sent to you, visit here:

While both were very delicious, I do not think I will be eating them often, since they are both a bit on the high calorie side.  Also, I am more likely to use the Domino's pizza as an occasional treat as opposed to Lou's. (Lou's doesn't deliver to my place, we actually dined in.)

Are there any pizza places in your area that offer gluten free options? Post in the comments below!

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Domino's in Australia and the USA are falsely advertising this item and it is clearly NOT at ALL suitable for those with gluten related disorders. I touched base on it at