Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cravings!!! Ugh!

Hello everyone!

Well, long story short for yesterday, I did get both parts of Metamorphosis done- MS and DC.  Still just 10 reps and 30 minutes of dance.

Today will be day 3- I will have walked for one hour (had class today) and DC is a maybe.  I will do my MS work for sure when I get home.

I have noticed a couple of things about my eating.

1. While better,  I still do not think my habits are as they should be.
2. I am craving, but not craving the same stuff I used to.
3. I am feeling much more tired, faster. 

1. One of the major things wrong with my current diet is that I don't think I eat enough vegetables. I only eat them once a day lately and I would like to up my intake to at least lunch and dinner.  I also think I need to be drinking more.  I don't seem to drink very much (tea or water) and while I think I feel okay, when I go to the bathroom my urine is dark- a sign of dehydration (which could explain #3 too)

2. Since I gave up grain- I do not crave them as of late. In fact, I have been craving protein foods (I always have had the occasional protein craving but this is a whole new level). I am pretty sure I am getting enough but I think what I am really craving is the iron.  I have a history of being anemic and I think this is part of it.  I had today 2 small cups of Fage 2% Greek Yogurt (I'll touch on this later in the post), I ate one but still had that craving so I had another. However, there is no iron in yogurt.  Then I started craving beef jerky and picked up a pack of it (wheat free- usually Peppered flavor and Hot Sauce like flavors do not have wheat) drank a liter of Smartwater and wouldn't you know it- I feel a lot better.

3. I am feeling tired as hell, probably from a) not enough to drink, b) not enough sleep and c) mild anemia symptoms.

So, my new goal is to have a protein at every meal- Yogurt for breakfast, nuts or meat for lunch and meat for dinner.  I may even start using my Tracy shake powder (I have some left over) and Clean program shakes (I also have some leftover) as a dessert for that little extra boost of vitamins and such. 

Last but not least- I have said that for a fat free yogurt, Fage Total 0% tastes pretty good. That was until I bought some Fage Total 2% last night.  Oh. My. God. I had a tastegasm.  I like plain yogurt, and this was so creamy and rich that it almost resembled a very soft cheese with that tanginess I love.  I think I ate two today also because to me it just tasted so damn good. (The last bite I mixed with a drop of honey- PERFECTION)

Ok, enough out of me for now- Have a great day!

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