Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beginning Stats and Why the Scale Doesn't Matter So Much

Hello everyone!

I am still feeling the effects of last night's workout. I am sore but not broken (yet!) and for the first time in a while, I was actually ravenous when I woke up this morning. I'm normally not a breakfast eater but today was a different story. 

I did eat breakfast so far- 1 cup of Fage fat free Greek yogurt and a large Fuji apple.  Lunch will probably be something lighter but maybe I'll make myself a small buffalo burger (no bun) and some salad. Dinner would probably be similar or a Think Thin bar if I am not that hungry.

Also- I forgot to post my measurements last night, so here they are-

Bust: 48 inches
Waist: 46 inches
Hips: 53 inches
Arm: 16 inches
Thigh: 29.5 inches
Weight: 282.1 pounds 

Arm and thigh are always measured on the right side. 

Also, I am not going to weigh myself daily. In fact, I am only weighing myself every 10 days.  Why? Here is a video explaining why.

Weight fluctuates ALL THE TIME.  As the video shows, you can gain 20 pounds in one day just from the weight of things you put into your body/water/etc. So, the best way for me (as someone who used to obsess over the scale- not trying to get sucked back into THAT mess again) is to track what the measuring tape says, not the scale.  Every 10 days for the scale is fine, just to see how I am doing and perhaps maybe motivate someone (or even myself) that you CAN get lighter.

I will be doing my workout shortly, will check in this evening!

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Roxy ! There was a time I did it that way (weighin every 10 days) because I didnt want to be obsessed by the scale, but I changed my mind and now I weigh myself every day again. As you said, I discovered weight fluctuates a LOT, and it can be very unmotivating to wait 10 days until you weigh yourself, and see a number that doesnt make you happy, and then you feel bad about it for the next 10 days... :(
    I try to weigh myself every day now, but to not take it as seriously as I did before, and I'm getting better and better with my scale obsession, it doesn't bother me that much now if I see a weigh gain, I'm just like ok I know it can be gone tomorrow so what ? But I think we just have to figure out what works for us, we're all different, and to find our own way to be happy and not to fear the weighing ;)
    So keep it up ! I love your blog but never left a message until today ;)

    sorry for my english, I'm a french TA fan ;) !