Friday, March 30, 2012

Today makes 5!

Hello everyone!

So I finished my 4th day yesterday and I made another change- for kicks, I did Meta DC on the floor.  I think I will keep doing it because I feel like I got much more of a workout- more sweat for sure.  I think I will tack on the rebounder at the end and keep working at the endurance until I hit 30 minutes and eventually do 30 dancing and 30 jumping, then eventually, one day, be able to dance full octane for a whole hour.

I did weigh myself again today, no change from yesterday BUT I do feel like my stomach is more sucked in, I see dents in my thighs and arms, and some changes in my lower legs as well. Very exciting!!!! 

I actually look forward to tonight's workout except for the fact that I have to do it in the evening (I had work today). I really prefer daytime workouts but the important part is that I get it in.

Have a great Friday!!!!

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