Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hello everyone!

I survived another day! I am STILL dealing with cold-like symptoms.

I had my shake for breakfast, a salad with lamb for lunch, and a shake for dinner. However, I ran out of almond milk for my dinner shake, meaning I had to make it with water.

HUGE taste difference!

My blueberry muffin shake became... a blueberry vanilla-ish less satisfying shake.  I really need to get more almond milk. I had no idea how much of a difference it would make without it!

Any of you who have done Clean- how else did you improve the shakes?

Also, any good recipes for Clean approved lunch?

Short post today, but just checking in!

Have a great Tuesday.


  1. I am seriously thinking of trying this -- very seriously! -- so I look forward to hearing more of what works and what doesn't (e.g. almond milk!)

  2. I put cinnamon in the vanilla shake, a little almond milk and pure vanilla extract i know vanilla over vanilla but it works for me:) For the chocolate one i used to add coconut milk (1/2 cup) or coconut water. ARe you doing tracy anderson while detoxing?

  3. I originally wasn't going to do TAM while detoxing, but I think I feel okay enough to at least TRY on Monday. I've been giving it some thought. I have been walking and doing stretches.

  4. ahh i dont know what to do! I really want to get fit and dont want to stop doing TAM-meta but this is my 5th time doing Clean and i know Dr J suggests we take it easy so our body can detox properly but 21 days is a long time to stop TAM i will have to start from beginning:(

    Let me know how it goes if you decide to do TAM.

    Keep up the good work!