Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boing Boing! Tracy Anderson Releases Rebounder Workout!

Hello everyone!

I have just heard that the long-awaited rebounder/mini trampoline DVD is now available at

There is, however, one thing changing.

The rebounder workout used to be included with Continuity 2.0.  This will no longer be the case.

A message from Tracy to the clients who have already received 2.0 (not me)-

"I wanted to make you aware that because you are such a great devotee, and since you have already purchased Metamorphosis 2.0, you were in an elite group that was the first to receive my trampoline video, which I am releasing to everyone this week. No one else will be receiving the mini trampoline cardio DVD in Metamorphosis 2.0. You were part of a special limited release and it is yours to keep! I want to make sure you don't purchase this DVD as it is released to everyone this week."

I inquired as to what the rest of us will do when we get to 2.0, and I was told that we will still get a cardio DVD, just dancing on the floor and not on the rebounder.

This is actually a good thing for some people (including myself). Here's why.

1. I find bouncing on the rebounder kind of awkward and I have low ceilings in my apartment.  Me on a trampoline would mean my head through the ceiling.  

2. Tracy HAS said she does prefer us to dance on the floor anyway for maximum calorie burn. Rebounding is more for beginners and people with problems doing the DC on the floor.

3. It SAVES YOU MONEY AND TIME. Why?  Dancing on the floor,  you have your legs,  you have your shoes already. No need to run around or hunt online and spend time looking for a rebounder, and then pay not only for the rebounder but also for the shipping (which can be high- rebounders are heavy! I have one but because of afforementioned ceiling problem I can't make great use of it.

I think this actually provides more options as I prefer DC on the floor and I am sure I am not alone.  I was actually kind of bummed to see that I would be stuck with a rebounder workout for 2.0 when it was time for me to do so.  Of course, rebounding does have other health benefits too but right now, my main focus is weight loss and burning off my fat suit.

So, in a way this is good for the people who don't like dancing- Now you have a rebounder DVD along with the YouTube Tel Aviv series she did a few years back.

Have a great Thursday, are you going to get the rebounder workout?


  1. I confess I ordered the workout as soon as I got the announcement -- I can't help it, I'm such a sucker for anything that Tracy produces. :-)

  2. I'm SO EXCITED about the rebounder workout!! I have a really hard time with the dance cardio for whatever reason....which made it difficult for me to stick to meta (even though I know sticking with it will work). Now, being able to use all the tools, I am confident that my body will transform as expected. I ordered it as soon as I received the email. It is on its way! YAY!!

  3. Guys- That's awesome! I didn't order it yet because I am more comfortable on the floor (also low ceilings that I even hit when I do my arm work- imagine jumping there!) but please- when you get it, let me know how it looks!!! I am very curious! :)