Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 3 Elimination

Hello everyone.

The first couple of days of this diet went alright.  The third, however, is when it started feeling different.

I am fine not being "allowed" to eat certain foods. The difficult part is the fatigue.

It started slightly when I was on my way walking to school, but thought nothing of it.  A few minutes after class started, I felt a huge wave of fatigue. I could barely stay awake the rest of the class, even after drinking water. 

Also, feeling like this while doing this program is actually normal and to be expected. It's a sign that your body is detoxing.

Later that night, I went to the grocery store and went to the meat counter as I hadn't had meat since starting.  I saw that they had locally raised, grass fed lamb stew meat, so I bought a pound and divided it up into 4 ounce servings for salads and meals. 

I did not do any TA on the 3rd day, I was simply too exhausted.

I can't wait to start taking the supplements and shakes, hopefully I will feel better doing so.

Have a great day!

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  1. i've done the clean program twice and i was exhausted both times. part of my problem was that i was anemic and didn't know it, but i think the other problem was that i just wasn't eating enough. i was craving bread and yogurt and since neither were allowed it was easier not to eat (and my appetite went down to nothing).

    the main thing i would say is find more stuff you can eat! i think it's really important to fuel yourself! i think eating the lamb will be really good for you. and not skipping dinner! eating a light dinner is better than nothing, imo.

    good luck with the rest of the cleanse!