Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cleanse starts tomorrow!

Hello everyone!

I got a lot of sleep last night, but when I woke up my nose and sinuses are still acting up.  However, the fatigue and nausea are gone for now.

I begin drinking the Clean shakes and taking the supplements tomorrow.  I hear that  a lot of people blend their shakes with almond/hemp milk and blueberries, so I will go to the store today and get some of each.

Any kind of strenuous exercise is not recommended on the cleanse, so for the rest of the month, I am limiting myself to yoga/walking/stretching.

The reasoning behind this is when you do harder exercise, your body needs to recover.  When it spends energy and time recovering, it is taking away from the detoxing process and may make you feel even worse.

I used to think that detoxing was supposed to feel good, but I have learned that it's not always the case.  

I will keep you guys updated on how I feel day by day so if you decide to try it, you know what to expect.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

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