Monday, March 26, 2012

Bouncing away!

Hello everyone!!!

Well, I just got my workout in.  I did my level 1 day 2 metamorphosis with 20 reps of each leg move.

Now on to the rebounder.

I was surprised at how... unable I was to finish all 30 minutes.  This is my first time on a rebounder in a long while.

First, I tried doing the workout in my shoes. Bad idea. My feet started to really hurt on the sides, probably because they are meant to align overpronating  feet, leaving me with a semi-unstable surface even with the shoes.  Lasted 3 minutes that way.

Took shoes off, felt better.

Lasted another 3 minutes, then my calves really needed a break.

I finally lasted a total of 10 minutes and my legs were just saying they have had enough. 

I also couldn't do all of the fancy moves she does in the workout... Yet.  I spent my 10 minutes just doing basic jumps/jumping jacks and trying to build up my strength. 

Have any of you done any rebounder work, and was it easy the first time?  I will be trying again, of course, tomorrow.  Tonight I will also do some walking to and from class (after a nap!)

Have a great day! Looking forward to tomorrow's workout!


  1. OMG! The fact that you got through 10 minutes is impressive I lasted five and it almost killed me (and I workout quite a bit!) I am trying to add a minute to my time each day.

  2. Haha I did last 10- with a couple breaks! I could only jump at it for a couple minutes at a time. It's really tiring because it is just like you're going all out on the floor minus the knee impact. Even Gwyneth had to start just jumping up and down at first. We're building strength like this so keep it up!