Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 25 Metamorphosis!

Hi guys!

Day 25 done! I did my 25 reps of legs, and I think in the next couple of days I might be able to up it to 30! It's getting easier but my butt is still burning.  However, the 45 minutes of dance cardio I had planned... only ended up being 35. Why? After 35 I wanted to drop and fall asleep right on the floor, likely because daylight savings time ruined my sleep. I was tired the whole day. But hey, it got done and with quality. 

I can't believe I only have 5 days left of level 3... Then back to circus moves in level 4, which just so happen to coincide with Aunt Flo. It's gonna be a toughie but I'll soldier through it.  I am also looking forward to having Sunday off- I must not, not, NOT skip any this week! Sunday is also a measure day AND pics! 

That's it for today, I have a lot to do before getting day 26 done!  Have a lovely day!

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