Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 19 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

Day 19 was almost just a half assed day.  Meaning I was originally going to only do my MS- if it weren't from support from an online friend, who gave me the extra push, cardio wouldn't have been done! 

Day 19 is the second to last day of Omni level 2. Finally. Ugh! I did still do 20 reps, but it took what felt like FOREVER!!! Also, I found out a little tip on doing the forward plank moves to make it easier and more correct. When you are in plank position, either up on your hands or down on your forearms, instead of keeping the supporting leg to the side it's on, position your foot so that it is more between your arms and middle of your body, this helps balance your weight a lot better. If you pay really close attention to the video, you will see Tracy doing it the same way. 

As for cardio- 35 minutes done!  I also have a tip for cardio too.

If you're a girl who loves clubbing, the atmosphere of going out dancing, etc, read on.  I watch my DVDs and listen to my Dance CD on my Xbox 360.  When you play audio CDs on the Xbox 360, it gives the option of "full screen visualization". Visualization is that colored, light show-like background, for example like in Windows Media Player. What I do is shut off the lights in the living room, turn on the full screen visualization, and have at it. My TV is 42 inches and the bright changing colors light the way enough for safety, and give me the at-the-club atmosphere. Then my inner club dancer comes out and really lets loose and performs, and the time really DOES fly that way for me! No looking at times, no paying attention to when this song will be over, just dance. 

Tomorrow morning is the big measure day! Will post measurements after taking them (after finishing day 20 tonight!)

Have a wonderful active day and keep on dancing!

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