Saturday, March 19, 2011

Day 29 and 30 Metamorphosis!

Hi guys!!!

I made it 30 days! That means about 33.333333% done with my first round of Metamorphosis! This past week I feel like I've been sorta slacking in the eating department (more than sorta...) and the cardio department but I have made sure to get my MS done at least.  

Day 29- Friday- Only got MS in. I was exhausted, lack of sleep in a major way all week. This was supposed to be Spring Break but instead I ended up not getting very much of a "break".

Day 30- Saturday (Today!)- Did my MS again, only 20 minutes of cardio because I had a last minute dinner to go to.

On the next note- I came across this article and something in it really struck me and it's a somewhat sensitive subject.

This article talks about the author trying out the TA method and how the eating portion of it made her feel.  As most of you know, TA's diet plans are notoriously low in calories, way too low for most people.  Now here is the part that hit me and I will explain why,
'People who are not overweight shouldn't go on these crash diets. They can be useful for patients who are very obese but not for someone like you.'

Not long ago, my doctor actually suggested I take up a very low calorie diet.  I was explained why.  This kind of diet, as the quote says, is great for people who are overweight but not for the casual dieter who wants to lose 15 pounds.  I fit the guidelines for being put on this kind of plan. Here are some of them.
- BMI of 30 or more- Mine is 45. 
- I am at high risk of type 2 diabetes and heart issues- Most of my family members who became obese developed these problems.
- Be willing to make permanent changes to your habits to maintain the new lower weight
- This is also an alternative to lapband or gastric bypass surgery.

This kind of diet does have health benefits but only as I said for the moderate-severe obese.

- The heart tends to get smaller as the weight is lost. This is a good thing, obese people usually have enlarged hearts as a result of working harder to move around the excess.
- Can improve pre-existing obesity related conditions like hypertension and diabetes, or reduce the risk greatly if you do not have these diseases.
- Motivation to keep losing weight and maintaining the healthy lifestyle.
- Significant improvement in osteoarthritis in the knee (which I have)

Some of the cons/risks- higher chance of fatigue, grumpiness, and constipation if you do not drink enough water (Drinking enough water alleviates these symptoms), hunger for the first few days (which subsides after that)

Also this type of diet should not be done for more than 6 months at a time. You can do more, but need to take a break in between.  This is not meant to be a "quick fix" but a stepping stone to a healthier lifestyle at a new weight.

As I said, I am still considering this, and I thought I would give a heads up so nobody freaks out and thinks I developed anorexia or some whacked out idea. This will be doctor supervised and with my health in mind!

As for exercise: I will still be able to do MS (If I go on this diet I will keep doing Meta MS- I do love it and I don't want to become "skinny fat") - that's actually encouraged in order to maintain the muscle I have. Cardio, however, at first I should try just walking to see how I feel. If I really feel that I can do something more intense, then I should do it using good judgment. 

Again, I know this type of thing is a really touchy subject for people, and if me being on such a diet bothers you I can understand.  Again, this is purely for my health. NOT AN EATING DISORDER.   I love the support I get from my readers and friends and hope that you guys can continue to support me through it should I decide to.  I will be making a doctor appointment this week and will also discuss Junger's cleanse with him.

I hope you have a great weekend, tomorrow is my day off before starting level 4!

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