Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 18 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone~

I'm so glad to almost be done with level 2. I have 2 more days left of it before moving on up to level 3!

When I did my MS last night, I was able to raise the reps per leg to 20 from 16. Not bad, hurt like hell, but it got done! Hopefully I can get the next two days done this same way.  I still feel it in my butt and thighs this morning.  

Cardio also got done- 35 minutes still. MAY change up to 40 next week. I am still feeling pretty sore from last night so I'm not sure. 

My second measuring day is coming up, I'm not so sure about my results this time, because of lower reps and skipped cardio. It would be NICE if the results were like level 1 but if they're not, there's always level 3 to work harder on.   My eating this level also hasn't been the best. Working on being good from now on, this past weekend as I've said was full of indulgence.

Alright- everyone have a great Monday and get your workout in!!! 

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