Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 31 and 32 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay in posts!  I have not been slacking off, I promise!

Day 31- 3/21/2011

Did Omni level 4 for the first time, and as usual, it took me some time to get used to, especially the arms and the floor abs (because it's hard for me to look up at the tv and do the moves at the same time)  As usual I eased into the legs with 15 reps. There IS plank work but on the bright side it's not the hell that level 2 brought me! No rugburned elbows!

Skipped DC that night, however in the morning I took a long brisk walk- an hour to be exact. 
Day 32- 3/22/11

Very bloated from you know what, so I took it easy again with the MS.  Still stuck with 15 reps per legs and all of the arms and abs.  Also took another walk in the morning.  Today was a busy, hectic school day, being back from Spring Break and getting used to having to go learn again. 

Those were my past two days, next is the subject of Yoga.  I hear Tracy is not a fan of Yoga ( I think she means things like hot yoga, Bikram, Power Yoga etc), but I am thinking of incorporating regular yoga into my day mainly for flexibility reasons.  As much as I love TA's method and Metamorphosis, to me there's not enough stretch going on. (This is just me, it could be plenty enough for you so please don't jump down my neck!!!) I feel really stiff lately and also read somewhere that doing yoga before bed helps with sleep (which I desperately need!!!!) A friend of mine sent me a few Yoga DVDs but I would be starting with this one in particular:

I gave it a watch and it looks good, going to try it tonight and see how I like it. I have never done yoga before so this should be interesting!


  1. Great job Roxanne! Yes, keep up the great work, and by all means, go ahead and integrate yoga if you feel you need it. I do yoga and I think it has helped me maintain some balance and understanding of the "mind-body" connection that Tracy talks about.