Monday, March 28, 2011

Rest Day again

Hi guys! 

A new week is upon us, meaning yesterday was a rest day. I have nothing to report about working out, but I do have another topic- resisting temptation.

Just a moment ago, I am sitting here at school on the computer minding my own business, then someone sits right next to me with pizza and breadsticks. Yes. Fresh, hot pizza and breadsticks. Just what I don't need to smell! Ugh! If I could I would just take their food and throw it in the garbage. Smells really tempt me sometimes, especially if the food is bad for me. (Funny how that works, isn't it?) 

How do I survive sitting right next to a cafeteria without going hog wild? I have several ways around this. 
1. Leave all unnecessary money at home. No money, no food.
2. Chew gum
3. Remind myself of my goals and ask myself is this REALLY worth it?
4. Drink water or something low cal and flavored to give my body the satisfaction of having something with taste.

Of course, these don't always work, we all slip here and there, but they work for me for the most part. 

What are  your ways around temptation when it comes to food?

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