Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 33 Metamorphosis


Today was a pretty productive day workout wise.  I got an hour of walking around the block in before it started raining and getting nasty outside. This was also one of the most painful walks in my life. Why?


To my horror, I discovered that I had 3 blisters on my left foot (pinky middle and big toes) and one on my right foot (pinky toe). It wasn't my workout shoes that did this. Last week when I did all that walking ( I think I mentioned it here) I wasn't wearing the best shoes. I was wearing a pair of my casual sneakers that I had laced so that they would function more like slip on shoes. Bad idea. No support = my toes moving all over the place = BLISTERS.  So learn from my mistakes and wear good shoes when you're going to be walking around a lot!

Meta MS day 33 got done. Still getting used to the leg moves. I sort of feel like I am getting thinner despite still being bloated from my period. I also want to eat everything in my house, refill my house with food, repeat.  Ugh. 

Not much more to say really, I haven't been feeling my best because of my poor toes and my Aunt Flo... But hey, I got it done regardless! Have a great day!

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