Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 38 Metamorphosis

Hi everyone!!!! 

Yesterday was a little disappointing especially in the exercise department. I blame it a lot on what is going on in my life nowadays. 

1. Had a really low self esteem day, and I feel myself getting those a lot lately. Yesterday was one of the worst. 
2. I have a big paper due tomorrow and have 3 exams coming up
3. Going through a lot of drama with friends
4. Emotionally I just haven't been so great. 

I had a long day at school, so I tried using the school gym and using the eliptical (doing it every so often won't bulk you I think) and was all geared up to do it for an hour, but 40 minutes in I just couldn't go on. I felt like I was going to almost fall off the machine and pass out, so I called it a day on that.   MS that night wasn't much better. 15 reps per leg with a LOT of stopping to yawn.  Also hit the bed pretty early last night, at like, 10 pm which for me is really early.

On a positive note, I did find a new product at the grocery store.  It's called MiO Liquid Water Enhancer.
It comes in a small squeezy bottle that fits in your pocket or purse and has enough for 24 8oz servings. One squeeze is enough to flavor 8 ounces.  I admit, it's not the best stuff to put in your water, as it is artificially flavored.  However, it is good (at least to me) for those of us (like me) who are still getting used to drinking more water.  I always had a problem with the taste of water and this helps me get more of it in me.  It's not too expensive either, 3.99 for 24 servings.  They have several flavors, I got the sweet tea flavor. It's not too bad tasting, actually.

That's it for now, have to work on a paper due tomorrow (oh yay!) but have a great day!


  1. Hope you feel better! I ordered a free sample of that mio stuff on facebook a while back and I'm still waiting for it to come in. I hope it's as tasty as you say it is :)

  2. Your mental state plays a huge role in weight loss so try to find a reason to smile and stay positive! I find when I am depressed and sad my body just holds on to my fat and I feel bigger and worse! I am doing TAM too :) keep it up, you're almost halfway on yours! positive thoughts, hope the drama dies down!