Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 26 and 27 Metamorphosis!

Hello everyone!

My internet has been royally sucking these past two days but I DID do my workouts like a good girl. However my eating habits... No. Both days I did MS- DC 45 minutes on day 26, wow, 10 minutes did make a lot of difference but it was still fun!  Day 27 I went out with a friend and we walked for hours. I came home and my calves and shins were sore as if I had done DC just the same.

Aunt Flo is on the way next week and these past two days I have been craving anything and everything that I look at. No good. Trying to be good and make healthier choices when I do have to eat but it doesn't always happen.  I feel like my workouts are just canceling out the pigging I've been doing.

I am due to measure this weekend- Yay! But I worry that my results will be just blah because I am bloated, and that probably won't go away until next week.

On a happy note: I will be starting Dr. Junger's Clean Program in the very near future! I received a kit in the mail and now I am doing my homework on it and planning everything out so I can do it as much to the letter as I can.  Will post more details, pictures, etc. in upcoming posts.