Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 13 Metamorphosis!

Hello everyone!

Day 13 of Metamorphosis- aka the day that almost wasn't.  As in I almost didn't work out. Almost. I finally mustered up the strength and determination to do my MS at 11 pm. 

I did not up the reps- because I was really tired, my 15 were a lot harder but I pushed through.  Also the matburn on my elbows is lessened, always a good thing. For day 14 I still might stick with 15 reps because the moves in level 2 are pretty challenging still, especially the planks, and I want to work everything out equally. 

No cardio last night, no energy and it was late.  I nose dove into bed, without even showering or anything because I was so exhausted. 

I can't wait for level 3- from the looks of it, there's no planks and I can measure myself again after 20 days! I love seeing my progress. 

As you may know there is also a program for when  you are done with metamorphosis called Continuity- a subscription service that gives you new material every 90 days. I might try that after a couple of rounds of Metamorphosis. I want to see if I can lose most of this fat before starting the newer stuff.

Have a great day and DO YOUR WORKOUT! <3

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