Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 15 Metamorphosis


I have completed Day 15 of metamorphosis, Omni level 2 day 5. However, it was a long, arduous process.  Again, I haven't slept well and I had a long day of classes, when I went to do my MS, I wanted to go to 17 reps per leg but stayed at 16 again.  After every different move, I had to sit and  yawn. Not because I was bored, but because I was tired. And cranking out those reps was painful. Painful but it got done. 

Cardio did not get done last night, I would have probably passed out mid-dance and just fallen asleep on the living room floor in my workout clothes. For day 16, since I get out of work at 5, not 7:45, the plan is to take a nap, do my meta, and either add the Beginner Dance Cardio DVD onto that or add 2 combos on day 16, and then 2 more on day 17 to make up for the loss. I really did not want to take day 15 off entirely because this time I want my Sunday off. 

Also, since I have been working out and getting visually slimmer, I am beginning to crave food hard core.  I'm very often tired, hungry, or a combination of the two. Sometimes I do allow myself to have some of the food I crave as long as I don't go crazy (always the hardest part). I think it's partially that my body is used to having this extra fat on it, and wants to eat to replenish it and to that I say NO NO NO!

I have also decided to reduce my weigh ins from every day to more like every week or two. I am learning that the scale is a tricky bastard, and EVERYTHING counts on the scale- bone, water, food, hair, etc.  I have decided to trust in the tape measure- That will tell you truthfully if you're making progress, because it is not necessarily weight loss we are really wanting to achieve, but fat loss. The scale hasn't been budging for me and based on my research, at the beginning that is actually normal as I am likely building muscle (Building doesn't necessarily mean bulking!) which weighs more than fat anyway. 

I used to be a scale slave and it drove me insane. If you aren't a scale slave, quit while you're ahead! Go by the number on the tape measure/on the tags of your clothing, not the number on the scale!

I will try to get through my day today, I feel, as an online friend of mine said, "Like a limp dishrag" but that means changes are happening! Have a great day!

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