Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 23 and 24 Metamorphosis!

Hi guys!

Over the weekend I was kind of quiet on the blogging, but I DID do my exercise! 

Saturday (day 23) Only got my MS in. Upped my reps on Omni level 3 to 25! Boy was my ass on FIRE. Life happened, I got tired, blah blah blah so my cardio didn't get done that day.

Sunday (Day 24) Got both MS (25 reps) and 35 minutes of cardio done. However, I feel like I ruined it by eating way too much. Daylight savings really messed with me that day.

On the subject of cardio, I am starting to consider just going from 35 minutes to a full hour, since I don't jump all over the place just yet. I was going to up it to 40 minutes this week but a friend of mine said why not just an hour?  I may be able to handle an hour, I think I will take it for a test drive this week, since I have no classes, no tiredness, so by the time I'm back in class, I'll be somewhat used to the hour. Then I can focus on my jumping. Right now, lower impact gets plenty of sweat out of me, and for me it is high impact based on the singing test. I go to the point that I cannot have a conversation. 

What do you think of upping from 35 to an hour? Good idea? Bad idea?


  1. I think you should be ok just jumping into the hour. I think it will help condition you for future workouts. I think just take it easy and don't go all balls to the walls. Ease into it.

  2. Yeah that's what I am thinking too. When I get used to the hour then start doing crazy shit. LOL