Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 20 Metamorphosis and measurements!

Hello everyone!

It's over! The dreaded Omnicentric level 2 is OVER!!! YAAAY!!!!!!!!! -ahem- Yes, I finally finished level 2. Dear planks, until we meet again, good riddance! I also got in my 35 minutes of cardio. I can start to feel that length of time get a LITTLE easier but not easier enough to bump up the time. 

In other news, Day 20 is over, so you know what that means? Measurements!!!

The results this time aren't quite as stellar as after level 1, I believe this is mainly due to a couple of skipped cardio sessions and less reps on the MS (because it was hard!). Still, I did lose. 

Bust: 2/24- 46.5 in  3/8- 46 in
R. Arm: 2/24- 16.5 in 3/8- 15 in
L. Arm: 2/24- 17.5 in 3/8- 16 in
Waist: 2/24- 44 in 3/8- 43 in
Hips: 2/24- 52 in 3/8- 51 in
R. Thigh- 2/24- 31 in 3/8- 29.5 in
L. Thigh- 2/24- 31 in 3/8- 29.5 in

Total inches lost in days 11-20: 8.5 inches
Total inches lost since 2/14: 20 inches

I still have a long way to go but progress IS being made! I hope you all have a great day and get your workouts in!


  1. Thats amazing!Level three is soooo much easier than level two :)

  2. It certainly looks that way! I want to take advantage of its easiness to try to be able to do more reps with more quality. Also easier MS may help me build cardio stamina, since I won't be quite as tired. I'm about to go do my level 3 right now! <3