Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Metamorphosis Day 1

Hello everyone!

I decided to switch from boot camp to metamorphosis, and I began on June 13 (yesterday).  I also took my starting stats.  I ate all manner of foulness (junk food) over the weekend and it made me wake up and realize weight loss is REALLY about 80-90% diet.

Starting weight: 279.4 lb
Bust: 49 inches
Waist: 46 inches
Hips: 53 inches
Arms: L- 17 R- 16
Thighs: L- 30.5 R 31.5

Today I did all of my Muscular Structure work, 20 reps a leg and it KILLED me. As in body-felt-like-rubber killed. But it's not the horrible debilitating "I hurt myself!" pain. I did the DC for 30 minutes, step touching and really using my arms. I know my level (which is VERY IMPORTANT to avoid injury! Don't be a hero!!!) and I do work out hard enough to get tomato red and sweaty. If you can jump around easily (because you are far fitter than I) then go for it. :) 

Diet was day 1 of the Nutrient Boost week. This means that every day this week consists of eating:

Kale juice
Carrot Parsnip Puree
Sweet Potato Corn Pudding (Yum!)
Tomato Gazpacho (tastes much better with roasted tomatoes)
Tofu protein soup (or chicken)
Blueberry applesauce
Chocolate chestnut pudding.

Next week I get to eat solids again, but I am actually loving one part of the puree parts- I only had to cook ONCE. Now I have all the food I need for the week, no pots and pans, and it's just there when I need it. 

In the end, day 1 done! 89 to go!


  1. Is that food actually from her diet plan? Are you making your own juice? Is your kale cooked or raw? It sounds like this is under 1000 calories, which is gonna be dang hard. I am really thinking of getting this program.

  2. Yes it is. It is outlined in the booklet it comes with. My kale is raw, juiced whole. I think it is under 1000 calories but it's only every other week. Next week I get to eat solid food again and rotate between the two. Even if you don't really follow her diet but eat clean/healthy/low cals you WILL see results. You will feel it working.