Thursday, June 16, 2011

Metamorphosis Day 3

Hello everyone!

Day 3 was a very tiring one. I think I did get enough to sleep the night before but for some reason all day I had the hardest time staying awake and alert. I even took a nap when I got home from work and almost skipped my workout entirely. However, I decided to try and be a trooper and attempt it. I was half successful.

I did my MS work, 20 reps again and really struggling, stopping to yawn after each move. I really wanted to do 25 but my body wasn’t having it, especially with the side-leg lifting moves.

I was all done with my MS, then went to go do my cardio. I went so far as to put the DVD in, still had my shoes on, the whole deal. Then I decided “I’ll sit a minute before I dance” ( Like always, I take a Gatorade/water break/bathroom break before dance cardio) and ended up falling asleep half sitting up on the couch. I won’t let this happen again and may even dance on Sunday (my rest day).

The diet still went well. I think I can deal with these nutrition boost weeks. Next week I actually have choices so it’s going to take some planning and thought on my end so that I don’t cheat. On nutrient boost weeks (little to no protein) I may add a protein shake before bed to help me recover. My solid weeks every meal will have protein in it in some form so the supplementation wouldn’t be needed.

I got on the scale on day 4 (today) despite not doing my cardio, I am now down about 6 pounds since day 1.

Have a great day everyone, the weekend is almost here!

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