Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Boot Camp Day 5

Day 5:

Exercise: I did 30 reps of all of the MS moves!  I love how I am getting stronger! I also did 20 minutes of step touch cardio dripping with sweat.  Feels amazing!

Breakfast: Tropical Fruit Salad- My version has honeydew (leftover from the other day) with kiwi slices in it. Yum! 9/10.

Lunch: Roasted Root Vegetables- Parsnips, and Carrots seasoned with cayenne and lemon juice. AMAZING. 11/10!

Snack: Kiwi Dessert: Instead of orange juice to mix with it, I used remaining juice from cutting the honeydew and it was really good. 9/10

Dinner: Grilled Tofu with Kale and Snap Peas- Not bad, I actually kind of like kale, this is  my first time having it. A little bland, but pretty good. 7/10.

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